Mission #1 ~ My favorite Fairy Tail character!

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Mission #1 ~ My favorite Fairy Tail character! Empty Mission #1 ~ My favorite Fairy Tail character!

Post by Lancelot_Orion on Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:11 pm

Mission #1

Title: My Favorite Fairy Tail Character!

Mission Requirements: Newbie Rank and above!

Mission Details:

Write a topic in the Discussions section ( Eternal Phoenix > Discussions ) about your favorite Fairy Tail character. The character can be anyone in Fairy Tail. 

More Details:

The post must have meaningful content, and the content must not be too short.


Tell trivias about your fav character.
Tell why he/she is your favorite.
Tell what common characteristic(s) you have in common.

Reward: 1000 jewels

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