Mission # 6: My favorite Fairy Tail Arc

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Mission # 6: My favorite Fairy Tail Arc Empty Mission # 6: My favorite Fairy Tail Arc

Post by Charliette Blue on Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:47 pm

Hey guys... Charliette here!! ..Let's see... My favorite fairy tail arc, huh?? .. I can't pick.. Every arc is so unique on it's own way... Still... My favorite Arc is the Tenrou Island arc.. Why?? well.. As the arc starts, I am wondering who will be the next s-class wizard.. But, i was shocked when the arc goes on and Grimoire heart will attack them and Zeref was there.. I like it because it is thrilling, amazing and cool.. I am not saying that the other arc is not like that. Maybe I just really like that arc. That's all folks...
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